Off Season News 11/18

The Phillies are serious contenders for landing Mark DeRosa as a starting third base option. DeRosa is very interested in Philly as well as said that the Phillies are the favorites to land DeRosa. He hit .250 with 23 home runs and 78 RBIs last season with the Cleveland Indians and St. Louis Cardinals. Todd Zolecki also said that he is a good team mate and hard worker which would add to the already inseperable team chemistry the Phillies have together.

My ultimate wish was to have DeRosa as a utility player but he does have the credentials and ability to start. Their other option for third is Placido Polanco, who played for the Phillies from 2002-05 at second base before Chase Utley became the super star he is now. The only thing that is keeping the Phillies from going after him heavier is that he is a type-A free agent meaning that if the Phillies sign him, they would forfeit a high draft pick to the Tigers.

In other news, Chan Ho Park really wants to be a starter but is keeping an open mind to being a reliever. He wants to play for a serious contender (what Philly is) but wants to start for said contender because it would be easier for his fellow Koreans to be able to watch him start. I can see the patriotism in Park and that’s nice but you have to not be selfish and realize you were a much better pitcher out of the pen.


1 thought on “Off Season News 11/18

  1. Justin Evans

    fuck em’ both.

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