Phillies Pick Up Lee’s Option

Only two days into the off season and the Phillies are already looking towards the 2010 season. According to Todd Zolecki on Twitter, the Phillies picked up Cliff Lee’s $9 million option for 2010. This locks him in for next year and allows them to work on a long term deal. The Phillies would be nuts to not lock him down right now.

And to make spending money a lot easier, the Phillies free up around $20 million because they don’t have to pay for Jim Thome, Adam Eaton, or Geoff Jenkins anymore thanks to a friendly tweet by the 700 Level.

UPDATE: I was out so I’m just writing about this now. The Phillies will not re-sign Brett Myers according to Zolecki. He wanted the Phillies to get back with him as soon as they could so he could start marketing himself as a free agent. I wish him the best of luck and thank him for being a key part to the 2008 squad.

2 thoughts on “Phillies Pick Up Lee’s Option

  1. redpinstripesarecooler

    I'm not so sure if they'd be nuts. He threw over 270 innings last year. I'm sure they'd like to see how he rebounds from that first.

    Also, his value is at its highest right now.

  2. John "Roose" Russo

    By lock, I meant take the option. I agree with you that they should see how he does coming off a huge inning-eating year before they think long term.

    I was telling my father earlier that pitcher, running back (NFL), and goalie (NHL) are probably the toughest positions in their sport to sign players to long contracts because they can fizzle out. I listed Barry Zito and Mark Prior as examples.

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