High Hopes

What did the Phillies really fail at? They failed to win consecutive championships for the first time in about 10 years and in the National League since the 1970’s. They failed to beat the Yankees, the best team in baseball. They failed to be legendary. I say so what?

This Phillies team proved this year that last year was no fluke and that this team is in the elite. They hung with the big boys and dominated good teams. They have the core of the team in their prime and a bunch of young talent waiting in the wings. Just because they didn’t do it again this year doesn’t mean it’s over. This team can win its 4th straight division. This team can breeze its way through the playoffs. This team can see themselves back in the World Series.

Sure there are a few problems to be addressed in the off season but we will look at that later. For now, let’s soak in a successful season, recap the highs and lows, watch whatever football, hockey, or basketball team you watch, and worry about the off season when it becomes relevant.

I want to say thank you to the Phillies for giving us another helluva season. I want to thank Ruben Amaro Jr. for assembling a great team. You may have sucked as a player but you are doing a good job so far as a GM. I want to thank all the journalists I followed on Twitter and in their articles including Todd Zolecki and David Murphy. Great season to everyone and see you in 150 days. And Yankees, we’ll see you June 15-17 in your house.


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