Hamels Wants Ball in Game 7

Cole Hamels is obviously over his little tantrum he had after game three. He said after game five that he wants the ball in game seven:

“Who wouldn’t want the ball in Game 7? This is the ultimate dream to be able to pitch in the most competitive situation anybody could ever be in — that would be to be in Game 7 of the World Series. Even though I might not have the best results leading up to it, I’ve always wanted it.”

Hamels‘ comments from game three:

“I can’t wait for it to end. It’s been mentally draining. It’s one of those things where, a year in, you just can’t wait for a fresh start.”

Hamels‘ comments on his prior remarks:

“When you write the first five lines of a complete sentence, it’s hard for everybody else to understand that. But you know what, I’ve said some dumb things and I think everybody has. I have to make it clear what I really want to say sometimes. It’s hard to play baseball and talk at the same time.”

There were reports that Brett Myers got in Hamels‘ face after game five saying “I thought you quit,” but Leslie Goodell confirmed it was a joke. From her tweets:

Reply Contrary to reports, Myers was kidding when he told Hamels “I thought you quit”. I was standing btwn them.

Myers didn’t know about Coles comments telling me “I don’t read the paper”. Myers later apologized to Cole for the bad timing of his joke.


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