That’s all Phillies fans are asking for. Win. It’s that easy. You are the Phightin’ Phils. You are the Team to Beat. You are the Philadelphia Phillies! The Yankees are the best team in baseball and you are going to sit there and be ok with that? You are going to let Alex Rodriguez, a cheater in the game you love to play, walk away with YOUR World Series Ring? You are going to let the Evil Empire take away your season? Are you going to let the NY Post walk all over your team and sit in the news room laughing at your expense?

It’s Cliff Lee, Pedro Martinez, and Cole Hamels versus a tired rotation. They are exhausted. They need the offense to help them win. Shut down their offense and your guys will support you. They will score. They will hit home runs. They will lead you to victory.

Raul Ibanez: You came to this team to be on a winner. Yea we know you are hurt with that abdomen tear and we know it is damn painful. You have THREE games left. Not one, not two, but three. It’s time to earn that ring that has eluded you for your 14-year career.

Ryan Howard: What the hell happened? You were Mr. October. You took 30 pounds off your gut and put 30 points on your batting average and led the league in RBI’s. You were clutch in the NLDS and NLCS. You can spank the Yankees. You can add a whole new level the legacy you are building in the City of Brotherly Love. Move the hell over, Mike Schmidt because Howard is going to take your spot! You can’t do that by rolling over to the Yankees though.

Cole Hamels: I’m not giving up on you. Why? Because if it comes down to game 7, the ball is in your hands. Over? This season ain’t close to being over. Take a hard look in the damn mirror and look into the eyes of the 2008 World Series MVP pitcher you once were. You are not a wuss. You are not over rated. You are still the ace of this staff in the eyes of many. Act like it.

Brad Lidge: We don’t blame you for yesterday. This team has called on you time and time again and you never gave up. Who cares how many saves you blew. It matters only if you think about it. You learn from your mistakes only if you don’t dwell on them. A loser is someone who is afraid to fail. I winner is someone who is afraid of nothing.

The Phillies: You got rattled but you got right back up. You’re the under dog. You’re the beaten but not forgotten. Your chin is bloodied and your face is battered but you aren’t mailing it in. You are Rocky! You won’t quit. You beat them once. They bleed! They are not a machine. They are human and are beatable.

Do you hear that? “Phillies, Phillies, Phillies.” I hear it too. You still have one game left in the home venue. Leave an impression on the fans, on the Yankees, and on yourself. Leave this city with a win. Go to New York and beat the Yankees!

2 thoughts on “Win

  1. Anonymous

    It ain't over until WE say its over!!!

  2. Anonymous

    Nice article man.. Its JR Phanatic from the boards.. You're writing style is fresh and not bland like many of the bloggers out there.

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