Dobbs Has Cooties

OK all kidding aside, Greg Dobbs has the flu or stomach virus and the Charlie Manuel had him send home so he doesn’t infect the rest of the team. He won’t be allowed back until he is completely healthy Ruben Amaro Jr. said. Tyler Walker, who wasn’t on the 25-man roster but with the team, was also sent home because of sickness and Pedro Martinez complained of feeling ill before his start on Tuesday but is still with the team.

One player on the Phillies decided to board up Dobbs’ locker with cardboard, masking, tape, and yellow “Caution” tape with a sign that read:

Greg Dobbs Update
Thomas Jefferson Hospital
Room #—
Visiting hours for family and friends from 6-8 p.m.

Please be advised to wear a mask!!

Gotta love the togetherness this team has. Hopefully Dobbs’ gets well in time to be with the team before this series is over.

UPDATE: Dobbs is feeling better and is cleared to play tonight via Susan Lulgjuraj of the AC Press.

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