Dumbass Steals Phils WS Rings

And I thought the greedy mother in Miami who got custody of Ryan Howard’s 200th home run ball was bad. This guy is a freakin’ moron. This putz thought he could get away with stealing three World Series rings, worth $1,100 each, from the Phillies office after being ejected from the second game of the NLDS for being too rowdy.

And to make it even better was that not only did the security see it on the survelance camera but the idiot left a job application behind in the office. How stupid can you really be? I’m gonna steal your rings. Can I have a job?

1 thought on “Dumbass Steals Phils WS Rings

  1. […] who here remembers this joker? Well for those who don’t, Matthew Mervine, 22, is the same idiot who tried to steal three […]

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