Greedy Mother Robs Howard’s Homer

I really hate greedy people:

Ryan Howard hit his 200th career home run 2 1/2 months ago versus the Marlins in Florida. It was caught by a 12-year old girl. After she caught the ball, she was escorted to the Phillies club house where she exchanged the ball with an autographed ball by Ryan Howard. Her mother was pissed.

The mother sought a memorabilia specialist and learned that the home run ball was worth more than the autographed ball so she sued the Phillies and won. The Phillies had to return the ball to the family.

The Phillies didn’t fight it because they didn’t need bad PR and a distraction going into October.

What the hell? Are people really that greedy that they need to screw over an athlete’s amazing feat? And if you watch the video of Norman Kent, the attorney and memorabilia expert the girls mother sought, you would want to reach into the screen and choke the shit out of that douche bag.

I’m sorry Big Brown that this had to happen to you. I hope the organization sent back to this girl a fake ball and demand that you get the autographed ball back.


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