Bruised and Battered

The Phillies will enter the playoffs on different terms than last year. Last year they clawed their way to October and a world championship but this year they made it in with barely a challenge from divisional opponents. But they were challenged with something else: the injury bug.

The Phillies, especially the bull pen, have battled injuries all season and will have to continue to do so in the playoffs. Jamie Moyer was the most recent pitcher to fall victim as he will have season ending surgery to repair his groin and abdomen. He was hurt on Tuesday.

It is also made known that JC Romero’s season will be over. I found on Twitter via The 700 Level. Hopefully the Phillies will be able to find two competent replacements for Moyer and Romero. Chan Ho Park is currently rehabbing and is eligible to be placed on the 25-man playoff roster.

Cliff Lee will pitch tonight which will set him up to pitch Game 1 of the NLDS most likely versus Colorado.

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