All Douche Bag Team

I was bored at work today and my friend challenged me to make a line up of the biggest douche bags in baseball. I decided to one-up him and make a 25-man roster. This may not be the most loved team but it would sure win a World Series if the players were at their best. The only stipulation is that they played from 1993-on. This way I could give a fair assessment of how big of an asshole these guys really were.

Here is my roster. Please don’t throw any batteries at them:

Manager: Tommy Lasorda
1B Coach: Tony LaRussa
3B Coach: Lou Pinella
Bench: Don Zimmer

C: AJ Pierzynski
1B: Rafael Palmiero
2B: Jeff Kent
SS: Jose Reyes
3B: Alex Rodriguez
LF: Barry Bonds
CF: Milton Bradley
RF: Jose Canseco

C: Mike Piazza
IF: Mark McGwire
IF: Alberte Belle
OF: Darryl Strawberry
OF: Gary Sheffield
OF: JD Drew

Starting Pitchers:
1: Roger Clemens
2: Brett Myers
3: Curt Schilling
4: Carlos Zambrano
5: David Wells

Relief Pitchers:
RP: John Rocker
RP: Ugueth Urbina
RP: Kyle Farnsworth
RP: Guillermo Mota
RP: Billy Wagner
CL: Francisco Rodriguez


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