"Happ’s Not Going Anywhere"

Todd Zolecki:

“(JA) Happ’s not going anywhere,” Amaro said. “He’s not going out of the rotation. He deserves to stay in the rotation. He has pitched very well. He’s one of our most effective starters.”

That’s exactly what Ruben Amaro had to say about the pitching situation. It’s a day late but I figured I’d add to his statement and also talk about the possibility of a six-man rotation, another option Amaro expressed.

Happ’s performance three days ago was a gem. It is now safe to say that there are four spots in the rotation locked up. This leaves Jamie Moyer and when he returns, Pedro Martinez. Amaro has said that Martinez was signed to be a starter but it’s almost impossible to see Moyer in the rotation.

“Why can’t we go with a six-man rotation?” Amaro said.

It’s certainly do-able but not when the Phillies reach the playoffs. At least one guy will have to go even though it’s ideal for a play-off team to go to a four-man rotation.

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