Phillies Gain Ground

The Phightin’s came up with a huge series win on Atlanta tonight, expanding their division lead to eight games on both the Braves and Fish. This series showed how human Cliff Lee can be and how effective Pedro Martinez and Jamie Moyer are in the same game. This gives the Phillies more depth in the … Continue reading Phillies Gain Ground

Just Call Him the Rain Man

Jamie Moyer has found a new home in his long relief role. Yes Chan Ho Park is still the innings guy but Moyer as excelled this year in his two roles post-rain delay. Grampa Jamie is now officially “The Rain Man.” In his two appearances since being demoted to the bull pen, Moyer has gone … Continue reading Just Call Him the Rain Man

Plundered By Pirates

After exploding versus the Mets, the offense basically died down minus a few spurts versus Pittsburgh. Another problem that needs to be corrected before the season ends is the bull pen. Brad Lidge blew another save in the first game and Ryan Madson even followed that up with one the next game, erasing a great … Continue reading Plundered By Pirates

What To Do With Lidge

If you think Cole Hamels is pitching like crap, just look deep in the bull pen and you will see another 2008 monster leaving you scratching your head. We know what Hamels’ problems are and it’s the fact that he is lazy and hasn’t had to be challenged all year. He’ll be fine in October. … Continue reading What To Do With Lidge

New York Invasion

The Phillies and their fans invaded Queens this past weekend, including the Phillies Nation bus trip on Saturday where a fight was shown in their section by Comcast. After dropping the first game thanks to some poor pitching by Cole Hamels, the Phillies bats exploded as they handled the Mets to win three of four … Continue reading New York Invasion