Howard Joins Cast of 1B in Derby

The National League announced their four Home Run Derby contestants. Outside of hitting home runs and being catalysts in their respective offenses, all four of these guys share another similarity: playing first base.

Albert Pujols of St. Louis, Adrian Gonzalez of San Diego, Prince Fielder of Milwaukee, and Ryan Howard of Philadelphia will represent in the NL in the 2009 Home Run Derby held in St. Louis, Howard’s home town.

These four big men are all very capable of winning the crown. Howard has plenty of experience in the contest, winning it in 2006. This is his third time. It will be the second appearance for Pujols and Fielder. Gonzalez is the only HR Derby virgin in the cast.

Pujols is currently leading the Major Leagues with 31 homers. Gonzalez has 24, Fielder has 22, and Howard has 20.

3 thoughts on “Howard Joins Cast of 1B in Derby

  1. Kevin McGuire

    I think it would be great to watch Howard and Pujols battle it out and face each other in the final round of the home run derby. Pujols is a hero in St. Louis and Howard is the hometown story. It would just be perfect.

  2. John "Roose" Russo

    I absolutely agree. Howard has already said in interviews that he has some butterflies but is anxious to go home for the Mid Summer Classic and HR Derby.

    As soon as they announced STL as the site of the 2009 ASG, it was almost a guarentee that he would hit in the Derby. And once Howard got chosen on by Uncle Chollie, he was a shoe-in as well.

  3. John "Roose" Russo

    The "he" is Pujols in the 2nd paragraph. Sorry for not clarifying.

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