News 6/30

J-Roll returns to lead off: article

Jimmy Rollins is back in the lead off spot tonight.

Charlie Manuel is freakin’ stubborn. Your offense has found a spark with the absence of Rollins. Even though Shane Victorino has struggled leading off (.133 AVG; .235 OBP in four games), I would have still kept him there.

“I felt it was very important to let him sit over there and kind of get a clear mind when I put him back there so he’s fresh,” Manuel said. “He’s starting all over.”

Utley, Ibanez All Star bound: article

It looks as if the Phillies will have two starters in this year’s mid summer classic in St. Louis. Chase Utley is blowing away all second basemen in voting while Raul Ibanez still holds his outfield lead and it is 99.99% unlikely he will fall out of the top three vote getters to earn a starting spot.

Rollins is now in second (thank God), Pedro Feliz and Carlos Ruiz are in fourth in their positions and Victorino is in fifth in outfielders. All four of them likely will not be playing in the All Star game unless Manuel, who is managing along with Joe Torre and Tony LaRussa decide to take on Ruiz as a back up catcher. He is very deserving of an all star bid.

Ibanez probably missing Mets series: article

It is doubtful whether or not Ibanez will be back by Friday’s game versus the Mets. He is to be re-evaluated by the Phillies trainers. Ibanez injured his groin 2 weeks ago and even though he’s feeling better, the Phillies want to take another look before they start him on his rehab.

Romero could face battery charges: article

If someone gets in your face and accuses you of using steroids, you would shove him out of your face too. The fan was upset JC Romero wouldn’t sign anything so he started to curse at Romero and said something along the lines of “how about you go get me some juice,” in reference to his 50-game suspension. Romero then hit him with an opened-hand.

“Remember, this is a simple battery,” (George) Kajtsa said. “No weapon was used. There were no injuries to the victim whatsoever, except as he says in the report he was embarrassed because it happened in front of other fans and his family.

“This is a very minor incident so the state’s attorney will probably concentrate on more serious matters, but it will be up to the state’s attorney to make the determination.”

What Kajtsa basically means is that the fan is a little bitch and he got what he deserved. Embarrased in front of strangers and family? What was he attemptiong to do by being vulger to another person. Athletes are people too so this nothing more than the fan being an asshole to someone on the street and getting bitch slapped.

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