Phillies Lose 4th Straight Series

This day totally sucked (outside of my softball team kicking some serious butt to go 7-0). We lost the King of Pop and Ferrah Fawcett and now the Phillies lost their fourth straight series. They are just “Bad.” They’re no “Thriller” on the field. This skid is starting to get “Dangerous” as the Mets won again today to improve to 1/2 game out of first. OK I’m done with the MJ puns. The Phillies lost the series 2-1 to the Tampa Bay Rays.

Tuesday: Coming off their 1-8 home stand, the Phillies offense exploded and Jamie Moyer pitched stellar en route to a 10-1 victory. John Mayberry Jr. and Chase Utley hit homers and Moyer only allowed a solo homer to Pat Burrell.

Wednesday: JC Romero and Chan Ho Park got beat up when the Phillies were only down 2-1 in the eighth. But I won’t put the blame on them as the offense completely disappeared despite Jayson Werth’s solo homer. Phillies lost 7-1.

Thursday: The first inning looked like the Phillies would bust out of their slump when they plated four to start the game. But that was it as Antonio Bastardo got shelled, giving up six runs on seven hit before leaving the game in the fourth inning with a strained shoulder (severity unknown). Phillies lost 10-4.

This series was just plain ugly. My confidence was restored for one whole game and one whole inning on Thursday. The offense was just dead and the pitching was shotty. Despite great starts by Moyer and Joe Blanton, the offense could not support. I really have nothing more to say because I would just be redundant.

Series MVP’s:
Phillies: Joe Blanton: 7 IP, 6 Hits, 2 runs, 10 K’s
Rays: Carl Crawford: 5-11, 2 runs, 3 doubles, 2 RBI’s
Rays: Matt Garza: 8 IP, 3 hits, run, 7 K’s

Next Series: Philadelphia Phillies (37-33; 24-11 on road) @ Toronto Blue Jays (40-34; 23-14 at home)

Jays lead series 3-0. The Phillies suck. The Jays are playing solid ball. The Phillies are still good on the road and the offense is also showing some life in areas. I always expect a series win with this team but right now, I’m not too sure. With the Mets 1/2 a game back, I am afraid the Phillies may be the 2nd place team they are playing out to be. Pick up your game or the magic will run out.

6/26: Hamels (4-3, 4.24), Romero, R (4-3, 3.59)
6/27: Happ (4-0, 3.47), Mills (0-0, 9.82)
6/28: Moyer (5-6, 5.97), Tallet (5-4, 4.36)


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