A few notes

A few things while I sit here watching the Phillies vs. Yankees:

-First thing I want to say is congratulations to John Mayberry Jr. In his first big league game, he went 2-3 with a 3-run homer and a double. The homer was his first career hit. His team mates gave him the silent treatment and then walked over towards him in the dugout to congratulate Shane Victorino first, who was on base when Mayberry hit his shot.

-I’m also not going to be posting the FIM moment today. I simply didn’t feel like it plus I want to relax today. Moment #6 will be up tomorrow morning.

-I’m also going to try a new thing. Instead of doing weekly recaps, I’ll just do a series summary and preview for the next one. After the Phillies game, I’ll sum up their series versus the Yankees and do a preview of their series coming up versus the Marlins.

-And my last thought: You’re scaring me, Brad Lidge. Please return to 2008 form.

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