FIM #12: 10,000 Losses

No team has ever done it. No team will never want to reach it. Unfortunately, your beloved Phillies reached it. In 2007, the Phillies lost their 10,000th game versus the Cardinals 10-2. For 125 years, the Phillies franchise has faced nothing but agonizing defeats, last place finishes, chokes, and just pure embarrassment. This is the image of a Philadelphia team: heart break. We are a troubled sports nation and this is the perfect example of our heart break.

This is a theme that reoccurred far too many times. Let’s face it. Our franchise sucks, okay, but that doesn’t mean there was ever any quit in the players and especially not in the fans. Larry Bowa and Charlie Manuel brought winning seasons to Philadelphia. Manuel brought the second ever consecutive division win in 2008 and the second World Series championship in Phillies history.

This loss was like the thousands that preceded it. Bad pitching, no offense, and a whole lot of booing from the Phillies Phaithful. Albert Pujols hit 2 home runs in the game and what better pitcher for the Phillies to record the loss than Adam Eaton. It was going to be a shut out but Michael Bourn hit a solo homer in the 9th and Chase Utley hit a double that scored Chris Coste.

The best part about this moment though is that a year later, everyone in Philadelphia forgot about it. Why? Because we are World Champs. Keep your heads high Phillies fans. I’ll take 10,000 losses over 100 years without a championship any day.

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