FIM #13: The Birth of the Phillie Phanatic

He’s from the Galapagos Islands. He warms our hearts. He’s big, green, and furry. He resembles a character Dr. Suess would have invented. He is the Phillie Phanatic and he is by far the coolest mascot in all of professionial sports. Moment #13 is when he was introduced back in 1978. Sports Illustrated voted the Phanatic as the best mascot in all of sports only a few years ago.

Dave Raymond was the original mascot, donning the costume from 1978-1993. Tom Burgoyne currently wears the costume. Raymond invented the Mascot Hall of Fame in 2005, makin the Phanatic a charter memember. Along with the San Diego Chicken, the Phanatic has helped revolutionize the sports mascot with their silly antics and hilarious pranks.

Some of the Phanatics normal pranks include his provacative dancing and shaking his belly, his giant kiss, and the infamous “Whammy Hand” while he stands on the Phillies dug out in late innings. He also is known for his pregame antics of teasing opposing players as they warm up and riding his ATV, the first mascot to ever do so.

His most famous and proud moment has to be making Tommy Lasorda snap. In a game years ago when the Phillies were playing the Dodgers, the Phanatic hopped on his ATV and ran over a dummy wearing a Lasorda Jersey. It enraged Lasorda who actually attacked the Phanatic. People thought it was in good fun but in fact, Lasorda really hates the Phanatic. “I hate the Phillie Phanatic. That type of a display should not be shown in ballparks, especially in front of children. It exhibits violence and disrespect,” said the hypocritical Lasorda who actually body slammed the lovable mascot.

He’s the best mascot in all of sports bar none. It’s not even being a biased fan. Ask any fan in the world who the best mascot in all of sports is and they will say the big furry green guy in Philly. Well except Mets fans of course who think their stupid baseball-headed Mr. Met is more entertaining than the Phanatic. It’s hard to go to a Phillies game and not watch the Phanatic. Keep on whammying, big fella.

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