Phillies Speak Out About Manny

This was posted on Phillies Nation and I wanted to reiterate it here as well. I really sympathize with Charlie Manuel the most because he was close to Manny Ramirez and was probably one of the most hurt:

Brad Lidge
”It makes you wonder, was he doing it last year? Every time something like this happens, you feel cheated a bit. Was he on the substance when I had to pitch against him in the postseason? Naturally, it makes you feel upset.”

Matt Stairs
“Another one bites the dust… If you know the stuff isn’t on the list, why take it? I know I’m not very smart, but I know I can figure that one out. There are a bunch of guys who are going to have to stop taking all this health [stuff] and go back to being chubby and having fun.”

Shane Victorino
“It’s sad. I feel bad for him, but I guess he brought it on himself.”

Charlie Manuel
“I used to do a lot of work with him as a hitter. I knew how good he was. He’s a great hitter. I know his talent. I’m sad. I don’t know what to say. I’m just sad.”


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