Phillies Sweep Nationals

It was a good weekend for the Phillies as they pulled off a feat as easy as tying your shoes: sweeping the Nationals. They out pitched and out slugged them, taking advantage of their poor fielding all weekend to improve their record to 28-20. Brad Lidge saved every game, showing signs of his 2008 form. … Continue reading Phillies Sweep Nationals

FIM #1: Your 2008 World Champions

Sitting on the edge of my couch I watched on as Brad Lidge had a man on second with 2 outs. Up to the plate stepped Eric Hinske. The first pitch slider was fouled off. The second pitch was also a slider and was swung at. With his deadly slider working like it has all … Continue reading FIM #1: Your 2008 World Champions

FIM Recap

I’m still up for absolutely no reason whatsoever so I decided to recap moment 15-2 of the Famous/Infamous Moment series. Tomorrow morning I will post #1 which is pretty obvious as to what it is. Here is the list: #15 – Steve Cartlon (1994), Mike Schmidt and Richie Ashburn (1995), and Jim Bunning (1996) get … Continue reading FIM Recap

FIM #2: Joe Carter….

…That’s all I needed to really type for a title. You say his name and every Phillie fan will instantly remember 1993 and the Phillies being one out away from forcing a game 7 with Toronto. Instead, Joe Carter belts a game winning 3-run homer that won the World Series. He became the 2nd player … Continue reading FIM #2: Joe Carter….

There’s Good News and Then There’s Bad

I’ll start with the bad news. Brett Myers’ season may be done. Even worse, he may never be a Philly again neither. This was his contract year and it may be going right down the tubes. He sustained a hip injury on Wednesday’s loss to Florida and after x-rays revealed some jaggedness, it just didn’t … Continue reading There’s Good News and Then There’s Bad

Non-Phillies: ESPN Spoofs a Manny Press Conference

This was written by DJ Gallo of “ESPN Magazine.” I thought this was absolutley hilarious! I am Manny, hear me roar! Dodgers owner Frank McCourt has spoken with Manny Ramirez. Now he wants the disgraced slugger to speak to the team. Turns out it already happened — and Page 2 was able to receive the … Continue reading Non-Phillies: ESPN Spoofs a Manny Press Conference