Phillies March Madness

I am going to get the Rowan students involved with this finally. I will be doing a little experiment that was inspired to me by both March Madness and the Phillies Nation’s 100 Greatest Phillies. I will make a 64 player tournament like the NCAA basketball tournament but it will be comprised of 64 Phillies players.

I made it up of 4 regions, the 2008 World Series Championship team, the 1993 NL Championship team, the 1980 World Series Championship team, and players from other years. The voting in each round will be done by students around the Rowan campus. The first player to 10 votes in each round will move on. The brackets and first round matchups will look like this:

1 Chase Utley vs. 16 Chris Coste
8 Brett Myers vs. 9 Pedro Feliz
5 Brad Lidge vs. 12 Ryan Madson
4 Jimmy Rollins vs. 13 Greg Dobbs
6 Pat Burrell vs. 11 Jayson Werth
3 Cole Hamels vs. 14 JC Romero
7 Shane Victorino vs. 10 Jamie Moyer
2 Ryan Howard vs. 15 Carlos Ruiz

1 Lenny Dykstra vs. 16 Larry Anderson
8 Terry Mulholland vs. 9 Kevin Stocker
5 Mitch Williams vs. 12 Wes Chamberlain
4 John Kruk vs. 13 Milt Thompson
6 Tyler Greene vs. 11 Dave Hollins
3 Darren Daulton vs. 14 Jim Eisenreich
7 Pete Incaviglia vs. 10 Micky Morandini
2 Curt Schilling vs. 15 Ricky Jordan

1 Mike Schmidt vs. 16 Ron Reed
8 Gary Maddox vs. 9 Manny Trillo
5 Bake McBride vs. 12 Dick Ruthven
4 Tim McGraw vs. 13 Greg Gross
6 Bob Boone vs. 11 Larry Christenson
3 Pete Rose vs. 14 Randy Lerch
7 Greg Luzinski vs. 10 Larry Bowa
2 Steve Carlton vs. 15 John Vukovich

Other Years:
1 Richie Ashburn vs. 16 Mike Leiberthal
8 Jim Bunning vs. 9 Jim Thome
5 Chuck Klein vs. 12 Sam Thompson
4 Ed Delehanty vs. 13 Juan Samuel
6 Dick Allen vs. 11 Scott Rolen
3 Grover Alexander vs. 14 Von Hayes
7 Bobby Abreu vs. 10 Cy Williams
2 Robin Roberts vs. 15 Steve Bedrosian

Here is my bracket for download. I don’t know how long Send Space allows you to keep files up so if the link doesn’t work, just email me at and I will quickly respond with the bracket. You can also either comment the related threads or email me your picks. I will be doing some field reporting as well to get my results.


2 thoughts on “Phillies March Madness

  1. Craig Trainer

    I vote for Daulton, that man is crazy! He needs the emotional boost!! GO PHILLIES

  2. Anonymous

    I love this blog! It’s so great =] Go Phils!

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